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Optimized Health Yelp Review

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Olivia R.

I usually sit at a desk, hunched over my computer for work, while other days I'm traveling internationally - so my lower back suffers from bad posture and it doesn't hesitate to tell me that it hates me for this. I've been to several different massage therapists over the past few years, and none of them have been able to work on my "brick" of a lower back as efficiently or effectively as Kiet. After I explained my back problems to Kiet, he carefully stretched out my lower back and then worked on my problem muscles. He started re-balancing them because my tension was mainly stuck in my right side vs left, something that even therapeutic massage therapists haven't been able to figure out. After that and an active session of beginning to restore my range of motion, I'm able to feel a huge difference both sitting and standing. There was some expected soreness afterward, but less much less pain then before. I'm not as tense now in my lower back, and I can stand up straighter. I look forward to my next appointment!

Optimized Health Yelp Review

Mary T

My current job requires travel between Dallas Texas and San Diego.  I was referred to Dr. Tran from my co-workers.  I have tried multiple chiropractors, physical therapists and specialists and none of them were successful in healing my pain.  I played 8 years of competitive volleyball and during my senior year of college I encountered a terrible injury to my lower back.  Ever since that day I often fell pain in my lower back and sometimes it becomes an excruciating pain.  I went to Dr. Tran and he did some stretching of my back, and did some adjustments.  I instantly felt 100% better and my pain was gone.  I really think he is miracle doctor after seeing over 25-30 professionals he healed me.  If you want it done right see this doctor first!  He was affordable,  highly knowledgeable, and he can heal you!

Optimized Health Yelp Review

Jill S.

My husband was diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel in one elbow and was looking for alternative treatments to surgery.I contacted Dr. Tran and received a quick response. He explained treatment options and what the possible results could be, he was knowledgeable and patient answering my many questions.After my husbands first visit with Dr. Tran using Active Release Technique and Graston Technique, to work my husbands tight muscles and work on breaking down the scar tissue as well, my husband felt a significant difference. Dr. Tran spent a great deal of time working on my husbands arms and hands putting in great effort. My husband also said he enjoyed talking with Dr. Tran as he explained what he was doing as well as putting my husband at ease.His condition is improving and Dr. Tran has now added acupuncture to the treatment regimen which is helping even more. After seeing the positive results my husband was getting from acupuncture I have started treatment as well for insomnia, stress and digestive issues. I have been very pleased to have my sleeping improve as well as the digestive issues and find I'm much more calm. Both my husband and I have been so pleased with the treatment we both have received. Dr. Tran is knowledgeable, highly skilled and sincerely cares about the well being of his patients. I'm the type of person who does research and asks many questions and he has never shied away or been impatient in answering them.I would highly recommend Dr. Tran.

Optimized Health Yelp Review

Senka D.

I've been seeing Dr. Tran since February of this year for my shoulder pain. I' ve had a shoulder injury for about 2.5 years. I've tried different treatments during this time, and occasionally got temporary relief, but the stubborn pain always came back. I was at the point of losing hope that my shoulder would ever get better. Luckily, with Dr. Tran's help, in several months I've made significant progress. Dr. Tran is very knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about his patients. He provided the acupuncture, Graston, and active release therapy treatments for my shoulder. He also worked on my neck, which I also have issues with, due to the nature of my work. Dr. Tran listens very carefully to patient's concerns, asks detailed questions, and performs a variety of mobility tests prior to each treatment. Dr. Tran is very generous with his time and expertise, and he always makes sure to do the right thing for the patient. I am very grateful to Dr. Tran for his efforts that have provided relief for my long term shoulder injury. Dr. Tran is also easygoing and has a great sense of humor. I would highly recommend Dr. Tran.

Optimized Health Yelp Review